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We’re happy to announce our first Challenge taking place since 2020!! The world looks a little different today than it did then, so this challenge is to reflect that. Rather than the old-school ’30 Day Challenge’ taking place, where participants try to do 30 classes in 30 days, this challenge will focus on building a yoga practice that’s more sustainable. A practice that you can come back to after you return from vacation. A practice where you’re not burning yourself out trying to fit in a yoga class everyday. 

This challenge is about building a practice that nourishes you, and is a nice complement to what your life is today – not what your life was two years ago. 

The challenge is this: To come to yoga three times per week over a 6-week period. If you’re away on vacation for a week, no problem. Go away, and then return to your practice. After all, building this consistency means that life will get in the way and throw you a curveball, and yet you still figure out how to prioritize you and your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. You can take all active classes, like 26&2, or you can take all passive classes, like Yin, or you can take a variety of classes. You don’t have to attend the same classes each week; the flexibility of this challenge means that your goal is to attempt three classes per week, but in a schedule that works for you and your life.

All persons currently on unlimited memberships can participate in this challenge for free. We have a Challenger’s Welcome Membership – for $59, you get access to unlimited classes for the entire 6 weeks. For anyone in between memberships or traditionally on a 10-class pass, you can get our 6-Week Challenger’s Membership for $160 + tax. – the same cost as our One Month Unlimited, but you get an extra two weeks added to your pass, just for participating in the challenge!

Lastly, there will be weekly draws for prizes, as well as a grand prize draw, where everyone who successfully attends 3 classes/week for the whole 6 weeks get an entry. Plus! Each week you get to put stickers on a poster board to celebrate each class attendance! And who doesn’t love stickers and prizes??

Reach out to us via email or by phone 403-328-8877 or stop into the studio today to sign up!

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