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Yoga has become an incredibly important part of my life.  The funny thing is that I was terrified to take yoga.  I didn’t think I was flexible enough, or had a beautiful body, or the stamina to do it.  My daughter talked me into going with her to Harvest Yoga.  I said I didn’t think yoga was for me for all the above reasons and she told me it wasn’t like that.  So mostly because I love doing things with my daughter, I gave it a try.  I went with her to my first class, and I was not flexible, I did not have the best body in the room, and I couldn’t do all the moves, but I never once felt I was out of place or that I didn’t belong.  The instructors said up front, only do what you can do, take a rest when you need to, and most important of all, do not judge yourself.  I believe this set the groundwork for the feeling of community within the studio and belonging that is a big part of HYS.   What has stayed with me happened one day when an instructor told us all to stand and face the mirrors.  She told us to close our eyes and imagine ourselves beautiful.  She said when we open our eyes, we could choose what we saw in the mirror, and she hoped we would choose to see beautiful.  That is what Harvest Yoga is all about, it is an opportunity to develop physically, a time to re-connect with our thoughts, and a place for respite and renewal but most of all it is a chance to see beauty in ourselves and everything we do. 

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