26 & 2

40°C | 40% HUMIDITY

The Class

Our 26 & 2 class (also known as Bikram yoga, or traditional hot yoga) is the exact same sequence every time you take it, specifically designed to work your body in a progressive manner. This makes the class great for a beginner to start with, due to the familiarity you will soon have with the practice. It’s also the perfect class for measuring progress and offers you the chance to really tune into how your body is feeling as you move through both the practice and your life off the mat. This is our hottest offering at the studio: 40 degrees. This yoga is designed to work every internal organ, joint and muscle of the body. The key to success in this class, as with all of the classes at Harvest, is listening to your body, so remember to take it slow. This class is great for all levels of ability, and is the best place to start if you have any past or current injuries. Class length varies from 60, 75, and 90 minutes. Length of class can be seen when pre-registering for class.


Why is this class so hot?

The room is heated to mimic the climate of India where this yoga originated and was traditionally practiced. The heat can something seem daunting, but it offers a wide range of benefits. The heat allows the body to warm up more quickly which increases your heart rate and allows for the strengthening of the cardiovascular system. The heat also opens up the muscles, joints, ligaments, and tendons of the body so that you can progress into the postures more deeply, thus gaining more benefits from the practice.

Heat really bothers me. Should I skip this one?

The heat can definitely take time to acclimatize to, but know that the heat doesn’t feel like a hot, sunny day. It’s a more controlled environment than that. You’ll get hot, but you’ll be sweaty. Which helps you feel cool. We pump fresh air in from outside, and pull hot air out continuously throughout the class, and we have ceiling fans, so the air is constantly moving and circulating. This will help you feel cooler as you get used to the room. If you do not enjoy heat, maybe try one of the ‘cooler’ classes, but don’t write this one off right away – it’s a challenging, but very rewarding practice.

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The Teachers



Pauline has lived in Lethbridge for over 10 years. Originally from Calgary, she moved to Lethbridge to complete her BFA at the U of L. Her plan was to leave shortly after completing her degree, but opportunities continued to arise that allowed her to remain in the city. She grew up in Bragg Creek, and spent her time outdoors, camping, skiing, and hiking. She fell in love with yoga 9 years ago – the 26&2 class kicked her butt, and she loved every minute of it. Off to training the following year, and more trainings in the subsequent years. She is trained in Bikram (26&2), Power Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Buti, Ashtanga/Rocket, and Nidra.

Although Pauline can’t get most of her family members to practice yoga when they visit the city, her amazing fiancé, Cam, can be seen around the studio all the time. Pauline is thrilled to be part-owner of Harvest Yoga Studio with Jess, and is looking forward to future adventures together as business partners and lovers of yoga.



My yoga practice is always changing, but it has become a constant in my life. At Harvest, I know that there is always a dedicated teacher to guide me through a class and a friendly face to share a smile with. I have found that my yoga  and yoga teaching practice brings a sense of balance to my life – emotionally, mentally, and physically – during times when things are stable, and in times when life gets a bit more challenging.

I hope that everyone who comes and shares their practice with us here at Harvest is able to find some of the benefits that I have found. Being able to provide people with a community and space to discover these benefits for themselves is a gift that I am thankful for every day.

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