Grounding Vinyasa Flow

32 °C | 32% HUMIDITY

The Class

Helping to ground your body, this Grounding Vinyasa Flow is the same sequence every time – a sequence that has been developed to open the hips, engage hip and leg muscles, and best warm you up for increasing range of motion in your lower body. A great class for runners due to how well it helps increase hip and leg mobility, this class gets more and more familiar the more you come practice. ‘Vinyasa’ classes utilize the pairing of breath and movement. Each movement has an associated breath, and vice versa. It is called a ‘Flow’ due to the fact that one posture will take you into the next, which takes you into the next, and so on. There are no moments in the class when you’re ‘out of’ a pose – stillnesses take place when a posture is held for a few cycles of breath, before you make your way into the next posture. Common postures in all ‘flow’ classes might sound familiar to you: Downward Facing Dog, Upward Facing Dog, Warrior One, Warrior Two, Tree Pose, etc. These are common postures in the Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa, Grounding, Ashtanga, Rocket classes.


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Pauline has lived in Lethbridge for over 10 years. Originally from Calgary, she moved to Lethbridge to complete her BFA at the U of L. Her plan was to leave shortly after completing her degree, but opportunities continued to arise that allowed her to remain in the city. She grew up in Bragg Creek, and spent her time outdoors, camping, skiing, and hiking. She fell in love with yoga 9 years ago – the 26&2 class kicked her butt, and she loved every minute of it. Off to training the following year, and more trainings in the subsequent years. She is trained in Bikram (26&2), Power Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Buti, and Ashtanga/Rocket.

Yoga was never something that Pauline thought she would enjoy – she had the idea that it was too easy, too slow, that it wasn’t enough for her. And after taking her first class, she was quickly proven wrong. The yoga can be challenging, but also incredible. It opens you up to new things in your body, as well as your mind. It’s a connection that is truly unique to everyone, and it’s really beautiful.

Although Pauline can’t get most of her family members to practice yoga when they visit the city, her amazing fiancé, Cam, can be seen around the studio all the time. Pauline is thrilled to be part-owner of Harvest Yoga Studio with Jess, and is looking forward to future adventures together as business partners and lovers of yoga.

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