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So we’ve got a new challenge for you! This one’s very different than ones we’ve done in the past. The idea behind this one is to start building up and increasing your endurance. See if there are a few days where you can make a little more time for yourself in your life. 

We know consistency is challenging, and building up a yoga practice where you come to four different classes on four different days every single week is asking a lot. 

So we’ve put together a list of 20 sets of two classes. And the goal is to come to 10 or more of these sets. But a set is a ‘double’ – doing two classes in one day. The sets are on the attached flyer.

Our full May schedule is already live on our website, so you can take a peek and decide which Doubles are doable for your life this month!  I’ve attached a screenshot of May’s classes for your convenience!

Every additional Double that you complete beyond the minimum 10 gets you extra entries for prizes at the end of the month!! 

Wanna join in the fun and do your yoga with stickers galore, but don’t have an unlimited pass? For the month of May, you can purchase a One Month Unlimited for the price of our Harvest Community Membership and save $45 on unlimited access to studio classes!

Sign-up in-studio next time you’re in!

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