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We at Harvest are incredibly excited for all of the workshops coming up at our studio! First up, Part One in a three-part series of flow workshops.

On January 21st and on February 4th, our Part One: Breaking Down Your Sun Salutations workshop runs from 12:00pm-2:00pm. Part One will focus on Sun Salutations. We’ll break down in detail each of the 8 postures that make up a Sun Salutation. These are the building blocks to all of the postures that follow in all Vinyasa-styles of yoga. Vinyasa classes utilize the pairing of breath and movement to transition from one pose to another, providing a sense of flow between postures, which is why a lot of Vinyasa-based classes are also called ‘Flow’ classes.

Both workshops will be led by Pauline on Saturday, January 21st and Saturday, February 4th and are perfect for all levels of yoga. Never done a class before? This is a great place to start! We hope that the more familiar you are with these postures, the more comfortable you’ll be beginning your practice with us. Have a consistent flow practice? We have no doubt you’ll learn something new about these fundamental postures to help deepen your practice.

A Sun Salutation is a series of set postures we do multiple times in any given flow class, most often at the beginning of class to warm your body up and quiet your mind and prepare your whole self for the postures that follow. To enhance your practice and work into the deeper sensations in your body, these postures will be the key to ensuring that you’re moving mindfully and deliberately, with the knowledge of proper alignment and connection. This is why we’re starting here.

There will be at least two subsequent workshops to then show how these basic alignment cues you hear over and over again are essential to moving your practice forward into more challenging postures, while also being mindful and honest about your body’s anatomical challenges – something we all have to be aware of if we want to move safely. Each subsequent workshop will build on the information we provide in the previous workshops, and knowing the purpose behind each movement in your Sun Salutations is essential to knowing what to engage when you want to move into your arm balances or your inversions or your hip openers or your hamstring lengtheners or your backbends or whatever you’re looking to do. Because of this, if the Part Two and Part Three workshops interest you, you we ask you to take the Part One workshop first, even if you think you already know what we’re going to teach. This way we can ensure we’re all on the same page for the subsequent workshops. And trust us, you won’t know everything we’re going to teach.

Space is very limited, so be sure to sign up as soon as you’re able!

$40.00* + tax for persons without a current active membership at Harvest

10% off for persons with a 10-class pass

15% off for persons on the Welcome Membership

20% off for our Harvest Community Members

*If you’re new to yoga and you don’t have a pass with us, and you want to begin your yoga journey with us once you’ve taken the workshop and feel more comfortable, we’ll honour the 15% off if you purchase the Welcome Membership before the end of January.

Cannot attend the Part One Workshop on January 21st? Don’t worry! We plan on offering this one again soon since we fully believe this workshop will have content that can benefit everyone.

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