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Join us on Saturday, Nov 18th from 12:00pm-2:00pm, where Pauline will be leading the third workshop in a series of Flow Workshops she has put together to help you dive a little deeper into your practice.

This third workshop will focus on utilizing your Sun Salutations and the engagement we find in our daily practice to start playing with the next steps of our practice, primarily, how to work towards balancing on our hands and eventually going upside-down!

Building on a lot of what you hear from your teachers in your daily practice, this workshop will give you the tools and the confidence to start playing around with the next steps of your practice.

The workshop will be FREE for all participants of the 3×6 Challenge!

But if you’re not participating in the challenge, don’t worry, this workshop will still be relevant to you and your practice.

$40.00* + tax for all persons without a current membership at Harvest

10% off for persons with a 10-class pass

15% off for persons on the Welcome Membership

20% off for our Harvest Community Members

*If you’re new to yoga and you don’t have a pass with us, and you want to begin your yoga journey with us once you’ve taken the workshop and feel more comfortable, we’ll honour the 15% off if you purchase the Welcome Membership before the end of November.

Want to sign-up? Pre-Register Here!

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