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We’re so excited to hear some feedback about these classes for our wonderful community! We’ve decided to bring these classes to harvest to see if they offer something to Lethbridge that’s currently missing on our schedule. This non-heated flow class will be different each day. You teacher will take you through some of our most fundamental Vinyasa postures, while encouraging a deeper opening into tissues by holding postures for longer than in our other flow classes. This class is great for anyone unsure about how they’d feel in a heated room, or for anyone looking to take a slow, engaging class. On the schedule for a 6-week trial run, this class is FREE for all persons looking to take it from June 6th – July 17th as long as you fill out a Feedback Form after class. If feedback is positive, and if these classes seem well-attended, we’ll happily keep them on the schedule over the summer, and perhaps into the fall.

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