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Running for four-week sessions on Wednesday evenings 7:00pm-8:00pm, these are gentle, active classes that follow common postures found in the heated classes, but are specifically tailored and modified for pregnant persons looking to move safely and comfortably throughout the last two trimesters of their pregnancy.

No prior yoga experience is required in order to attend, but please know that your mentality in your prenatal classes shifts from connecting to just you, to connecting to you and your baby. As such, please approach these classes gently – your body is already going through a lot, and we want to treat our bodies with as much compassion as possible.

If you can commit to all four weeks of classes, you’re welcome to purchase a 4-week pass for $75 + tax. If you’re unsure about committing, or if you already know you’ll have to miss an evening or two, you can just drop-in to each individual class for $22 + tax.

Preregister ahead of time and pay in advance to guarantee yourself a spot! You can call the studio at 403-328-8877 or send us an email at instead.

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