All memberships can be purchased in-studio when you come to attend your first class. No need to pre-purchase! Whether you’re looking to come three times a week, three times a month, or three times a year, we have a membership to meet your needs.

Students and Seniors receive 10% off of our memberships. Ask us about our Loyalty Gifts! When you maintain an active membership with us, you get some pretty amazing things.

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First Time? Try our Welcome Membership!

$49 for unlimited access to all classes. The perfect way to learn which class styles interest you the most. Take as many classes as you want, and receive some amazing in-studio perks by just trying us out!

Membership Quick View

Welcome Membership – $49

If this is your first time visiting the studio, you can access our Welcome Membership. This membership includes 30 days of unlimited yoga, and includes your yoga mat, yoga towel, and shower towel for the entire duration. You also have unlimited access to our online streaming of classes, as well as access to our private social media groups, reserved for our Harvest Community Members! These groups are here to bring together the community, where we can answer your questions, post informative videos, and arrange for yoga socials and events! This is the best way for you to try out everything that Harvest Yoga Studio has to offer, from our wide variety of classes, to our wonderful instructors, to the fantastic community of like-minded yoga practitioners who are here to help you on your yoga journey.

Limited Class Memberships

These passes are good options for anyone practicing 5 times a month or less.


Unlimited Class Memberships

These memberships are the most economical for those practicing an average of 5 or more times per month. Class prices are based on a practice of three times per week. The more visits per week, the lower the per class cost!

Harvest Community Membership (Ongoing)

By far the most popular package, this membership gives you unlimited yoga along with access to our Harvest Community Membership groups on both Facebook and Instagram, where we post informative videos, answer your questions, and arrange for social events to hang out with other Community Members, and maybe make some friends! This membership is ongoing, with payment of $139 + tax being made on the first of each month. The longer you’re an active Harvest Community Member, the cheaper it gets, dropping down to just $129 + tax per month for unlimited yoga after your first year! Requiring a valid credit card, this membership has a minimum commitment of just 4 months, with 30-days notice required if you need to cancel. Going on vacation? No problem, we allow suspensions on your contract for up to 4 months a year.

Private Classes

Perkville Rewards Program

A fun way for you to earn points and receive rewards for practicing!

How do I earn points?

You can easily earn points by checking into the studio, referring friends who join, posting on Facebook and Instagram, and much more!

What can I get with my points?

  • Mat and towel rental
  • Drinks
  • Half price classes
  • 15%/25% off retail
  • Discounted private class

It’s quick, easy and free, plus you get 50 bonus points just for registering.

Loyalty Gifts

  • 15% off your next pass if you purchase it before your pass expires.
  • Welcome Members: An extra 10% off if you come 3 or more times and buy a 5- or 10-class pass!
  • Welcome Members: If you come 7 or more times in your first month, when you sign up for the Harvest Community Membership, we give you your first month at half price!