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Join Pauline and Jess as they talk you through the features of our yoga room. Ever wondered why we have mirrors on the walls? Why do the lights seem bright? What about the flooring – what is it and why do we have it? We pride ourselves on providing Lethbridge and Southern Alberta with a full-service yoga studio, built specifically to be a yoga studio from day one. This means that everything in the construction of our space was done with our yoga practitioners in mind. As such, we hope the studio offers you exactly what you need by providing you with the safest room possible so that you can relax, meditate, quiet the mind, tune into your body, destress, and let us help you on your wellness journey. And because everyone’s yoga journey is different, we want you to feel welcome here – whether you’re coming to Harvest Yoga Studio for your mental health or to find a community, whether it’s for your joint mobility or perhaps for strengthening, whether it’s to find a calm, quiet space for your thoughts, or to challenge your physical strength. Let us support you.

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